Registration has closed.

Thank you for being a part of the Holladay City Tree Giveaway.

We have closed registration for the June 1st Giveaway. If you would like your name added to the waiting list for any unclaimed or additional trees please complete the form below.

You should have received an email with confirmation of your registration. May 29th pick up info is being emailed to each registered resident. If you have not received an email by midnight May 29th please email with questions Call or text or friends at the Holladay Chamber of Commerce -Selena is volunteering with the event coordination and can answer questions.

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The Tree Types we are giving away are as follows:

‘Red Sunset’ red Maple        

‘Dakota Pinnacle’ Columnar white Birch   

Chinese Fringe Tree      

Ginkgo Biloba ‘Magyar’               

Sweet gum Worpleson 

Tulip tree    

‘sunburst’ Honeylocust

‘purple Robe’ Idaho Locust

Chinese Fringe tree

‘Gladiator’ Flowering crabapple

‘PRAIRIE-FIRE’ flowering crabapple              

London Plane Tree ‘Exclamation’ sycamore

Fruitless Mulberry Tree

Princeton Golden Maple

AUTUMN Blaze Maple  

IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED (Check your email)

Your tree will be ready for pick up June 1st at Holladay City Park.
The description you provided in the online form and details regarding the location of your planting will allow the Tree Committee to assign the appropriate type of tree. You will be assigned one of the types of trees based on your notes. 

The tree will be in a mesh covering or a 3 gallon container. The trees as they are now range from 4 feet to 8 feet in height, they are not heavy but they can be very tall based on the type. The trees in mesh must be planted with in 48 hours to remain healthy.

If you are concerned about loose soil in your vehicle please bring a trash bag or place protective tarps inside for transport. 

Celebrate Holladay City’s 20th Anniversary by planting a tree.

Come pick up a Tree June 1st at Holladay City Park from 8:00am-12:00pm.

Holladay City giving away 200 TREES to residents !

** Registration has CLOSED!**

Registered RESIDENTS will receive details about picking up a tree June 1st and planting instructions.

NOTE this is not the Tree voucher program.

You will be sent emails leading up to the event to notify you of pick up details.

Holladay residents only, one per household.

Questions call 801-633-6454 or Our friends at the Chamber of Commerce are volunteering their time and resources to help the City of Holladay with this project.